Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Statement of Purpose

I had begun to write a different post altogether when it occurred to me that I ought to lay out my purpose in setting up this blog.  Like my teaching website, this blog exists to help my students with the work that I require them to do.  For the website, the help comes in the form of laying out the specific guidelines of individual assignments and courses.  The blog is for students to get examples of writing (particularly summaries) and to see writing in development.  Because there is less formatting work involved, producing text in a blog tends to be faster.  Accordingly, I can be more responsive to student concerns and issues in this blog.

With some luck, I may be able to engage students in discussions in the comments, as well.  That, though, will depend greatly on the students and how things go, overall.

One additional note about this blog needs to be made.  As it is explicitly a teaching concern, I am likely to offer definitions for terms.  In most of my writing, I do not do so.

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