Friday, November 2, 2012


Students, as you are doubtless aware, the school has been closed all week as a result of the storm and cleanup efforts.  This will require rescheduling and adjustment of classroom activities; I am trying to get information about institutional plans from my superiors, but communication is still spotty at the moment.

Pending additional information, students in the classses listed below, please proceed with coursework as though next week (5-9 November) has the activities listed for the week that was missed (29 October-2 November); that is to say, for the classes listed below, next week should be regarded as midterm exam week:
  • ENG 099: Basic Communications
  • ENG 101: Freshman Composition 1
  • HUM 110: Speech
For ENG 202: Technical Writing and Presentation, the missed week was one which had neither reading nor assignment listed.  At present, follow the course calendar as written, with the exception that the Process Analysis and Evaluation that was due Monday has been extended to Wednesday, 7 November 2012; take the time to get to the Learning Center if you have not done so.

Students who had appointments to meet with me, please email to reschedule.  Time will be tight, since I am still obliged to fly out for a conference on Wednesday afternoon, but when I can meet with you, I will.

Please watch for additional updates.

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