Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sample Summary

Below appears an example of the kind of summary discussed here, although it treats a different source than is acceptable for the class assignment.

On 25 June 2013, Cracked.com published Luke McKinney's "6 Important Things Nobody Tells You About Graduate School."  In the article, McKinney lays out a series of what he perceives as truths about the graduate experience, grounding them in his own stated experience of graduate school.  Throughout the article, he repeatedly returns to the idea that the kind of learning distilled in postgraduate academic programs is the major driving force behind human advancement and achievement, using the six points of his title to illustrate how it is so and the value of its being so.  Although McKinney restricts his discussion to the sciences, he expresses himself clearly and in such a fashion that the article is a useful piece for consideration no only by his own colleagues, but by all engaged in the highest levels of formal education.

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