Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sample Summary

Students, below appears an example of the kind of summary I have requested of my students in remedial English coursework, as discussed here.

In the 13 July 2013 New York Times article "The Trouble with Testing Mania," the editorial board of the New York Times argues that the testing situation in place across the United States needs substantial correction.  The board notes that although testing is well intentioned, it has been ineffective at improving instruction, largely due to the haphazard way in which it has been implemented and the institutional pressures it generates.  Other countries and other measures work better, as the board notes, but alternatives will be adopted only slowly it at all unless state and federal governments take measures to ease the transition.  Although substantially correct, the board's comments are late in coming; educators have been making such remarks for many years, and no real changes have been implemented.  It is therefore unlikely that the article will be effective in its implied purpose of driving changes to educational policy.

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