Friday, December 27, 2013

Beginning Comments Regarding the Spring 2014 Term at Oklahoma State University

I have received my teaching schedule for the Spring 2014 term at Oklahoma State University.  As of this writing, I am teaching the following:
Now that I am back from my own break, I am at work putting together materials for the class new to me and revising materials from classes I have taught before so that I can improve my performance in the coming term.  Some (hopefully) useful information is already online.

Calendars for the upcoming term are not among the materials currently posted.  I do not anticipate being away from classes for conference work this term, but I do expect to be called away for one or two class meetings in late March for family business.  The date is yet to be determined, although the event is expected.  More information in that regard will be posted as it becomes available.

Until then, please check this webspace and the course pages for updates and additional information.  I look forward to returning to the work of teaching.

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