Saturday, April 12, 2014

Announcement Regarding 14 April 2014

Students, although I am being called up for jury duty once again, classes will not be cancelled on 14 April 2014. Prof. Randi Eldevik has generously agreed to cover all three of my classes that day, for which I am grateful.

ENGL 2543.002 can expect to have a discussion of the contexts and concepts informing the Restoration and Long Eighteenth Century; there will be questions provided to stimulate discussion. There will also be a quiz of the usual sort.

ENGL 1113.006 and ENGL 1113.007 can expect to have peer review sessions; students in them should come prepared with hard-copies of their evaluation essays. Guidelines will be distributed in class. Attendance will be assessed via sign-in sheet.

Make the most of the time. I hope to see you soon.

Prof. Elliott

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