Sunday, May 18, 2014

Summative Comments for the Spring 2014 Term at OSU

It is admittedly later than this ought to have been done, but it still befits that I post concluding comments for the Spring 2014 term at OSU, much as I did for the Fall 2013 term (here, here, and here). I begin with numerical breakdowns before offering more general, reflective comments.

ENGL 1113.006
End-of-term enrollment: 18
Average course grade: C (710/1000)
Number of students earning A (900+/1000): 1
Number of students earning F (<600/1000): 6, 5 due to attendance policies

ENGL 1113.007
End-of-term enrollment: 16
Average course grade: C (748.75/1000)
Number of students earning A (900+/1000): 1
Number of students earning F (<600/1000): 3, 2 due to attendance policies

ENGL 2453.002
End-of-term enrollment: 14
Average course grade: C (748.7143/1000)
Number of students earning A (900+/1000): 3
Number of students earning F (<600/1000): 1

How matters have changed since last term is unclear, with some students having earned into the A range and the course average scores sitting in the C--"average" by long consensus--range, if perhaps lower than last time. Not reported are the relatively many students who earned at the extreme high end of the B range, with scores in the 890s. Also not reported in the raw numerical breakdown is the opportunity for bonus points offered to the students in each class; both sections of ENGL 1113 were awarded substantial bonuses, and students in ENGL 2543.002 had the chance at extra credit on the final exam by answering additional questions (not all availed themselves of it, and not all who did benefited from doing so).

More online materials were made available to students in each class, which seems to have been helpful for those students who were motivated to make use of such things. Not all seem to have been, however; online surveys attempted to ascertain student use of materials, but too few responses were forthcoming for the exercise to make any judgments.

Future teaching will likely continue to deploy online examples--and to do so through platforms other than those maintained by the school. My position is a visiting appointment, after all, and I may need to be able to take my materials with me.

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