Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Some Comments Regarding the Spring 2015 Term

I know that I am late in getting this put together, for which I can only apologize.

This term, I am teaching three sections of ENGL 3323: Technical Writing at Oklahoma State University: 006, 009, and 011. Materials for them are currently in preparation, although they will largely follow last semester's patterns. Note that "largely" does not mean "exactly," so students need to check again for updates. Among the adjustments that will be made is the inclusion of representative examples of student work. The examples are not perfect, certainly, but they will demonstrate what A-level work in the course can look like.

Already, one change has been obligatory. The syllabus I had sent to my colleague for distribution on the first day has been amended. My office hours for the term are now

  • MWF 0930-1020, 
  • MWF 1130-1220, and
  • By appointment

I had been waiting for confirmation of another regular meeting to make the final assignment. Please do note that I am exceedingly unlikely to be able to make appointments on Tuesdays and Thursdays, as I have prior standing commitments on those days, and appointments after my teaching day is done (at approximately 1520) are also unlikely. I am, however, happy to come in early, and the OSU Writing Center is an excellent resource (go early and often).

On a personal note, I look forward to working with the 57 students currently enrolled in my classes. Most of those in my classes last term were enjoyable to have, and I hope to repeat the experience.

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