Friday, October 19, 2012

Sample Causal Paragraph

Students, please find below an example of a causal paragraph of the type discussed here.  The prompt it is addressing ought to be fairly obvious.  That it is somewhat facetious should also be fairly obvious.

Were I to gain a comic-book-style superpower, it would likely be that of greatly enhanced speed.  As it is, I am quite a busy person, cramming many activities into a day that seems to be getting ever shorter.  Consequently, I already operate at a fairly high rate, so super-speed would be a natural and sensible extension of what I already do.  Were it to happen, I would likely get yet more reading and writing done, both for classes and for my own endeavors; both are activities I already do, and I would probably continue on in them.  Certainly, I would perform better in the dojo; some of the problems I have with such techniques as iriminage come about as a result of my moving more slowly than I ought to for the technique to work well, which super-speed would eliminate.  And I would likely turn to evil.  It would happen gradually; I would make mistakes, being human, and would attempt to rectify them.  In doing so, I would--because I am convinced of my own rightness as a rule--begin to see myself as set apart and, because more powerful, more deserving of obedience.  From there, I would work to enforce obedience, using my super-speed to facilitate that work; being able to move very fast makes it very easy to enforce consequences upon people.  It would inevitably lead to my moral end ethical corruption, and that would not be good for the world.

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