Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Class Report, ENGL 1113.006 and ENGL 1113.007, 20140115

Both classes started as scheduled, ENGL 1113.006 at 11:30a and ENGL 1113.007 at 12:30p.  Activity in both classes was a diagnostic writing exercise used to ascertain current student writing levels; although student submissions are being evaluated, they are not being graded as such.  Attendance numbers were taken from submitted responses to the exercise, however.

ENGL 1113.006 had eighteen students on the roster, one fewer than last class meeting.  One student was new to the roster.  Seventeen attended.

ENGL 1113.007 had nineteen students on the roster, unchanged in number or students specified from last class meeting.  Seventeen attended.

Students are reminded to read the assigned chapters in the course textbook.  They are warned that reading quizzes are forthcoming if evidence of student engagement with the texts in the form of discussions thereof is not provided.

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