Monday, January 27, 2014

Class Report, ENGL 1113.006 and ENGL 1113.007, 20140127

For ENGL 1113.006
Class began as scheduled at 11:30am in Classroom Building Room 108.  The class roster listed nineteen students enrolled, unchanged from the previous class meeting.  Eighteen attended.

Class discussion focused on concerns of improving the literacy narrative.  Of particular concern were the need to show instead of tell, develop sympathy for the protagonist/antipathy for the antagonist, be mindful of denotation and connotation, and be wary of the thesaurus (using it only in tandem with a reliable dictionary).  Some discussion of the Sedaris memoir ensued.

Attendance was taken informally.

For ENGL 1113.007
Class began as scheduled at 12:30pm in Classroom  Building Room 122.  The class roster listed nineteen students enrolled, unchanged from the previous class meeting.  Fourteen attended.

Class opened with a simple reading quiz as a direct result of previous class meetings being insufficiently student-driven.  It is hoped that the exercise will serve as motivation for students to be more active in classroom discussion.

Concerns of the literacy narrative were foremost.  Discussion of the Ortiz Cofer memoir as offering examples of techinque took place.  Noted was a prevalent opinion that multiple examples make for bad reading; concerns of evidence and explanation thereof will need to be addressed.

Attendance was assessed via the reading quiz.

For Both Classes
Students are reminded that discussion drives instruction far better than quizzes, but that quizzes will be forthcoming if discussion is lacking.  Students are also reminded that the instructor review draft is due before class begins on Friday; work to revise and improve from the peer review draft is strongly encouraged.

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