Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Class Report, ENGL 2543.002, 20140115

Class began as scheduled at 9:30a in Morrill 202.  Twenty-seven students were listed on the class roster, three fewer than for the previous meeting; one student was new to the course.  Twenty-five students were in attendance.

Discussion centered on what it is to be medieval.  Framing of the idea was established in terms of time and physical geography; fluidity of beginning and ending dates was noted.  A general idea of prevailing tropes and features of medieval life in the British Isles was generated; more enhancement to it is recommended.

As an attendance-taking exercise, students were asked after initial ideas about their research papers.  Instructor comments regarding the ideas are forthcoming; they will not be punitive so much as (in some cases) corrective and suggestive of avenues for refinement and the pursuit of new knowledge.

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