Monday, January 27, 2014

Class Report, ENGL 2543.002, 20140127

Class began as scheduled at 9:30am in Morrill Hall Room 202.  Prior to class, a recording of W. Francis McBeth's Beowulf--An Heroic Trilogy was played to set the mood for discussion and to highlight the mutlimedia nature of appropriations and refigurations of literature.

The class roster displayed twenty students, one fewer than at the last class meeting.  Of them, fifteen attended.

Discussion focused on context of Beowulf, offering comments about major editions and critical works.  Devices such as apposition and kennings were covered in brief.  Information about the runic insertions into the text was provided.

Attendance was taken through informal writing exercise.  Students are exhorted to keep up with the assigned reading and to be at work on their research projects; some are already doing so, and it is expected that their products will show the results of greater time and attention devoted to them.

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