Friday, January 31, 2014

Class Report, ENGL 2543.002, 20140131

Class began as scheduled at 9:30am in Morrill Hall Room 202.  The class roster listed twenty students, unchanged from last class meeting.  Seventeen attended.

Discussion closed out Beowulf.  Noted were patterns of foe-defeating; those who oppose Beowulf in the text tend to end up at the bottom of bodies of water.  Also remarked upon were the focus on the dragon-hoard in the final section of the poem and the impending doom of the Geats at the hands of their enemies.  Some cultural appropriations were noted as being examples of the kind of phenomena that can be treated in the research projects.

Attendance was taken through an informal writing exercise.  Students were exhorted to keep up with the readings and carry out the discussion board work.

Wesan ge hal!

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